Classic Method, state-of-the-art performances: basic functions to manage the cleaning cycle, with hour counter and cycles counter.

Economisers in the ECOMATIC-S range are digital sequential timers with built-in differential pressure
switches and are able to control from 4 to 96 solenoid valves respectively.
In all versions there is a display with 3 digit that can display the most important features and it is possible to programme the various and customizable internal parameters with the 3 buttons on the panel.
The states and functions are displayed by the lighting of LEDs on the front panel of the instrument.
The controllers with AC power supply are able to control both electronic valves with AC input and electronic valves with 24VDC.
Each model is supplied in polycarbonate enclosures with transparent lids and IP56 protection rating.
On demand, the ECOMATIC-S instruments can be provided of an ACTIVE analogical output proportional to the pressure read by the sensor.

Main Features Features Values
Protection Protection Level (standard) IP56
Temperature Working Temperature (°C) -10... +50
Power Supply Power Supply Range (standard) 24Vac/115Vac/230Vac 50-60Hz
Power Supply Range (optional) 22... 34Vdc
Power Consumption 50W
Display Display Type 7-segment display
Resolution 3 digits
Display Color (standard) Red
Inputs Digital Inputs (nr) 1 opto-isolated inputs
Pressure Input ok
Pressure Range -99/+999dPa, -99/+999mmH2O, -9.9/+99.9mBar, -0.99/+9.99kPa, -7.5/+75.0mmHg
Outputs Relay Outputs (nr) 1
Relay Output Power 2A/115Vac
Coils Control Voltage 24Vac, 115Vac, 230Vac or 24Vdc
4-20mA Output optional
Functions Cyclic Management ok
Delta Pressure Management ok
Precoating ok
Post-cleaning ok
Cleaning cycle ok (standard)
Coils can be activated simultaneously for each output (nr) 2
System Maximum Driver Managed 4... 96 electrovalves
Type of driver connectable electrovalve/SPV
Type of control driver triac outputs
Controls Buttons (nr) 3
Application Type Regular Small, Medium and Big size dust collectors