Probably the simplest and cheapest controller in the market!

The device STR-2-6  is a simple and cheap cyclic timer, from 2 to 6 outputs, compact and reliable for small dust collectors. The simplicity of installation and use is its main strength. To connect the outputs of the instrument to the pneumatic valves on the filter it is enough to use a normal RILSAN 6x8 mm pipe. The cabling costs are limited only to the power supply. The setting of the functioning cycle (pause time and work time) is made by a special trimmer and a rotary switch available through a transparent removable window.

STR can control up to 6 valves. When you need to control a higher number of valves you may use STR-R that are able to drive expansion called REC.

STR allows also to clean the valves only when the pressure inside the filter overcomes a set threshold. In the same way the cleaning stops when the pressure comes down the programmed value. To have this additional function, it is enough to connect a differential pressure gauge as our DPF-15E to the terminals 3-4 of STR.

Model STR-R2-EX, Model STR-R5-EX, Model STR-R3-EX, Model STR-R6-EX,

Model REC-R2-EX, Model REC-R5-EX, Model REC-R3-EX, Model REC-R6-EX,

Main Features Features Values
Dimensions External Dimensions ( L x H x W mm ) 305x65x63
Protection Protection Level (standard) IP65
Temperature Working Temperature (°C) -10... +50
Power Supply Power Supply Range (standard) 90-240Vac
Power Supply Range (optional) 24Vac/Vdc +/-10%
Power Consumption 25W
Inputs Digital Inputs (nr) 2 (STR), 1 (STR-R)
Outputs Coils Control Voltage 24Vdc
Functions Cyclic Management ok
Post-cleaning ok
Cleaning cycle ok (standard)
System Maximum Driver Managed 9 REC (STR-R)
Maximum number of coil 6
Type of control driver BUS