The most compact, cheap and easy-to-cable solution with Economizer, suitable for filters up to 24 valves.

ECO-ALFA is an economizer with built-in differential pressure sensor able to pilot up to 24 ALFA remote modules (each equipped with a ¼” pilot which commands pneumatic valves).
It has an LCD display on which the pressure measured by the sensor, the activated valve, the current cycle status (pause, work, post-cleaning, ... ), the type of operation, any alarms present, etc., can be monitored in real time.
ECO-ALFA is fully programmable and communicates with the ALFA unit by means of a patented system.
Each ALFA module is assigned a serial address, which identifies each individual board.
Using three keys, the user can access the programming menu and enter all the board parameters.
ECO-ALFA can also automatically detect the presence/absence of the off-take valve connected.
The main feature of this system lies in the ease of wiring, which is reduced to a single two wire cable that starts from the control unit and crosses one by one the ALFA unit mounted on each valve on the tank.
ECO-ALFA has 2 digital inputs and 2 clean contact relays.
The instrument is pre-engineered for an optional RS485 serial communication output, to be requested when the order is placed (RTU Modbus protocol), allowing it to exchange data with a PC/PLC and other data storage units

Main Features Features Values
Dimensions External Dimensions ( L x H x W mm ) 121x66x52,2(eco-alfa) 60x58,8x62(alfa)
Weight (kg) 0,2(eco-alfa), 0,225(alfa)
Protection Protection Level (standard) Panel installation IP56 (eco-alfa), IP65 (alfa)
Temperature Working Temperature (°C) -10... +60
Storage Temperature (°C) -20... +80
Power Supply Power Supply Range (standard) 30-33Vdc(eco-alfa)
Power Consumption 5W(eco-alfa) + 20W(alfa)
Display Display Type LCD
Resolution 128X64
Display Color (standard) Blu
Inputs Digital Inputs (nr) 2
Pressure Input ok
Pressure Range -99/+999mmH2O
Outputs Relay Outputs (nr) 2
Relay Output Power 2A 30Vdc/250Vac resistive
Coils Control Voltage 24Vdc
Functions Cyclic Management ok
Delta Pressure Management ok
Customizing Cycles ok
Remote Start/Stop ok
Autopause ok
Precoating ok
Post-cleaning ok
Cleaning cycle ok
Broken Coil Control ok
Serial Ports RS485 optional
System Maximum Driver Managed 24 alfa
Type MASTER (eco-alfa), SLAVE (alfa)
Type of driver connectable ALFA
Maximum number of coil 1 for each alfa
Type of control driver BUS
Controls Buttons (nr) 3
Application Type Dust collectors