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K-DAF/70-MS is used with brake discs of thickness 16,20,25 & 30mm.

The Kateel range of hydraulic brakes use specially formulated hydraulic oil (Hydrol 68) to deliver the desired hydraulic pressure. These hydraulic brakes require a hydraulic power unit to operate the brake. Variable braking torque can be achieved by regulating the hydraulic pressure as shown in the chart
.Max Braking force : 75000 N
 Min braking force : 70000 N
 Maximum clamping force : 60,000 N
 Minimum clamping force :56,000 N
 Operating pressure normal/max : 150 bar
 Air / oil consumption : 200cc
 Pad width : 130mm
 Pad area : 20,000 sqmm
 Maximum allowable wear of brake pad : 5mm
 Nominal Co-efficient of friction : 0.4 µ
 Max Air gap : 1mm
 Weight : 100kgs