Special Purpose Machines.

The Kateel range of hydraulic brakes use a specially formulated hydraulic oil (Hydrol 68) to deliver the desired hydraulic pressure. These hydraulic brakes require a hydraulic power unit to operate the brake. Variable braking torque can be achieved by regulating the hydraulic pressure.

A hydraulic unit and an electrical controller system will give full control over the braking operation thus enabling smooth stopping of the machine. Over speed setting can also be programmed .The scoop switch option indicates the condition of the brake (On / Off)
Max Braking force : 64000 N
 Max clamping force : 80000 N
 Operating pressure normal/max : 190 / 230 bar
 Air / oil consumption : 1200cc
 Pad width : 130mm
 Pad area : 31,400 sqmm
 Max allowable wear of brake pad : 5mm
 Nominal Co-efficient of friction : 0.4 µ
 Max Air gap : 1.5mm per side