Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam, TRZ200D-C/4P, Cảm biến lưu lượng siêu âm cho khí nén TRZ200D-C/4P, Đại lý chính hãng Aichi Tokei Denki Việt Nam


A cost effective ultrasonic flow meter specialized for measuring air is now available! It has realized a wide range of measuring ability and ZERO pressure loss using the characteristics of ultrasonic waves. It is also well-equipped to handle dust and mist and has excellent durability compared with conventional flow meters that use other measuring principles because it does not have moving parts. The meter can be selected from two types of power sources: built-in batteries that run 10 years without needing power construction, or an external power supply (24 VDC).

・To understand and visualize the usage of compressed air as a measure of saving electric power.


Model External power specifications TRZ100D-C/4P TRZ150D-C/4P TRZ200D-C/4P
Built-in battery specifications TRZ100-C/4P TRZ150-C/4P TRZ200-C/4P
Diameter (Nominal diameter) 100A 150A 200A
Power source External power specifications 32-18. 24 VDC ± 10%; Power consumption: 1.1 W or less
Built-in battery specifications Lithium battery with a battery life about 10 years (under an environmental temperature of 20°C)
Measurable Fluids Air (mainly the air in a factory)
Fluid temperature and humidity – 10 to 60°C, 90% RH or less
Operating pressure Less than 0 to 1 MPa (Gauge pressure)
Flow rate range (Actual flow) ±10~500m3/h ±24~1200m3/h ±40~2000m3/h
Flow measurement accuracy ±2%RS ±50~500m3/h ±120~1200m3/h ±200~2000m3/h
±5%RS ±10~50m3/h ±24~120m3/h ±40~200m3/h
Low flow rate cut-off ±2.6m3/h ±5.0m3/h ±9.0m3/h
Normal conversion accuracy ± 2% (300 kPa or more)
Display (Switched by buttons) Model LCD 7 segments (with unit and alarm displays)
Main display [Forward flow display mode] Accumulated flow rate: 0000000000 (Nm3/h) in 10 digits Trip accumulated flow rate: 000000000 (Nm3/h) in 9 digits Instantaneous flow rate: 0000000 (NL/min) in 7 digits [200A: × 10]
[Forward and reverse flow display mode] Forward accumulated flow rate: 0000000000 (Nm3/h) in 10 digits Reverse accumulated flow rate: -000000000 (Nm3/h) in 9 digits Instantaneous flow rate: 0000000 (NL/min) in 7 digits [200A: × 10]
Sub display Instantaneous flow rate: 000.00 (Nm3/h, less than 200 Nm3/h) in 5 digits 0000.0 (Nm3/h, 200 Nm3/h or more and less than 2000 Nm3/h) in 4 and 1/2 digits 00000 (Nm3/h, 2000 Nm3/h or more) in 5 digits [200 A × 10]
Pressure: 0000.0 kPa in 5 digits Temperature: 00.0°C in 3 digits
Output Current output 4 to 20 mA (± 0.5% FS), Load resistance 400 Ω or less, Upper output current 22 mA Select the output from the instantaneous flow rate, pressure and temperature by pressing a button.A separate power supply (24 VDC ± 10%) is necessary if you use the meter of the built-in battery specifications. *1
Output range (4 to 20 mA): Instantaneous flow rate 0 to ☐☐☐☐ Nm3/h (forward flow display mode) – ☐☐☐☐ to ☐☐☐☐ Nm3/h (Forward and reverse flow display mode) ☐☐☐☐ is the values set by a button.
Pressure: 0 to 1000 kPa Temperature: -10 to 60°C
Contact output Two open-drain output system Maximum load: 24 VDC, 10 mA Maximum frequency: 10 Hz Duty: 35% to 65%
Output 1: Unit pulse (Forward flow) Output 2: Unit pulse (Reverse flow) Flow rate upper and lower limits alarm Selection of telegram output
Pulse output units: 1 Nm3/P or 10 Nm3/P
Connection method JIS 10K flange
Mounting position Horizontal (LCD display to be placed upward), or vertical mounting
The materials exposed to gases Stainless steel alloy, PPS, fluorosilicone rubber, etc.
Mass External power specifications 10.3kg 18.3kg 24.4kg
Built-in battery specifications 10.5kg 18.5kg 24.6kg
Installation location Indoor and outdoor (The safety class IP64 qualified)
Storage temperature -20 to 70°C, No condensing
Regulatory compliance CE marking compliant (EN 61000- 6-2:2005 and EN 61000- 6-4: 2007)