RP-04 + GDM-1

Our top solution to monitor the real quantity of dust, with graphic display.

The RP-04 represents the top of the line as regards our dust emission monitoring systems. The probe has a high sensitivity (monitors up to 0.1 mg / m3) and is equipped with a sophisticated system of self-compensation of the offset in the measurement caused by dirt upon the probe.
With a microprocessor, in fact, the amount of dust deposited on the electrode (which creates a constant impedance) is constantly controlled and therefore not considered in the measurement of continuous emission. The advantages are that besides having a precise measurement even in conditions of wet powders, it is possible to perform the operations of cleaning and maintenance with less frequency than a normal probe.
The GDM-1 Graphic Dust Meter is graphic monitor able to visualize the quantity of dust.
There are three relay outputs (free contacts), two levels of dust, with programmable threshold and time delay and an error system report (system-ok).
The activation of each of the 3 relays is displayed by the status of three LEDs on the front panel of the instrument. The instrument is programmable with three buttons on the front panel. The graphic LCD display shows both instantaneous and average values ​​of dust, at the same time or not, to the temporal graph of the instantaneous level.
If connected to a properly configured Autel controller (ECO-NET or ECOSERIAL), it is possible to detect the position of a broken bag.

Main Features Features Values
Dimensions External Dimensions ( L x H x W mm ) 125x80x60 (RP04) 200x254x135(GDM-1)
Weight (kg) 2,6 (GDM-1)
Protection Protection Level (standard) IP65 (RP-04) IP56 (GDM-1)
Temperature Working Temperature (°C) -10... +60
Power Supply Power Supply Range (standard) 24/115/230Vac 50-60Hz (GDM-1)
Power Consumption 10VA
Display Display Type LCD
Resolution 128x64
Display Color (standard) yellow/green
Led 4
Outputs Relay Outputs (nr) 3
Relay Output Power 4A/250Vac, 4A/24Vdc
4-20mA Output optional
Serial Ports RS485 optional
Controls Buttons (nr) 3
Application Probe RP04
Viewer/Power Pack GDM-1