AC-operated DC electromagnetic type

Pad-type disk brakes The AC-operated DC electromagnetic pad-type disk brakes is an off brake that delivers stable braking performance with excellent features, including easy maintenance and low noise. This high-performance brake was newly developed for applications such as braking for traversing and traveling of cranes, braking of carriages and roller conveyers, etc., and for maintenance purposes. It is becoming more popular than conventional drum-type brakes.


• Simple structure, compact, and lightweight Since the mechanism generating braking force integrates magnets and a braking spring on the side face of the disk rotor, this ensures a simple, compact, and lightweight structure. The brake is thus extremely easy to install, maintain and handle.

• Stable braking force Compared to drum-type brakes, the disk brake has a large heat-dissipation area, ensuring a large braking workload. This allows stable braking performance from low to high rotation speeds.

• Small shock and low braking noise Since the stroke of the movable part of the magnet is small, shock generated when braking and opening is minimized, and the braking noise is also low.

• Shortened maintenance time Adopting a dry bushing decreases lubrication work.