OF-ZMicroflow Sensor

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OF-Z flow sensor is suitable for measuring oil (heavy oil, light oil, heating oil, etc.).
It is a flow sensor with elliptic gears that measures microflow with accuracy.

・Measures heavy, light, heating oil, etc.
・Measures the microflow range with superior manufacturing technology.
・Good at measuring pulsating flow.
・Amplifier built-in magnetic sensor, which is strong against noise, is output in proportion to the flow velocity.
・Pulse output by open collectors or voltage pulse.
・Measures a wide range of flow rate with high accuracy.
・Simple structure due to the elliptic gears employed as a measuring principle.
・Capable of measuring various liquids.
・RoHS complaint (Complies with the RoHS directive to address the environmental issues.)


Standard specifications

Flow rate range Liquid viscosity0.3 – 0.8mPa・s 0.085 – 0.85L/min 0.7 – 5L/min 0.085 – 0.85L/min 0.7 – 5L/min
Liquid viscosity0.8 – 2.0mPa・s 0.05 – 0.85L/min 0.35 – 5L/min 0.05 – 0.85L/min 0.35 – 5L/min
Liquid viscosity2.0 – 5.0mPa・s 0.017 – 0.85L/min 0.17 – 5L/min 0.017 – 0.85L/min 0.17 – 5L/min
Liquid viscosity5.0 – 200mPa・s 0.085 – 0.85L/min 0.085 – 5L/min 0.085 – 0.85L/min 0.085 – 5L/min
Accuracy ±2%RS(In the standard installation position)
Measurable liquid Types of measurable liquid Please decide based on the major materials exposed to the fluid, which are described below.
Major measurable liquid Cold and hot water and heating, light and heavy oil Mildly acidic and mildly alkaline liquid
Maximum operating pressure 0.5MPa(When the liquid is at 20°C).
Pressure loss 4 kPa or less 10 kPa or less 4 kPa or less 10 kPa or less
Fluid temperature range -10 to +70℃(No condensing)
Responsiveness -10 to +70℃ 35~85%RH(No condensing)
Output signal Voltage pulse output Voltage pulse 3-wireLength of wire: Approx. 480 mmVoltage pulse duty ratio 2/8 < A/B < 8/2When voltage is applied at 12 VDC or less,High: 10 VDC or moreLow: 1 VDC or lesstable_image
Open collector output Open collector pulse (Capacity: 6 mA DC or less)Length of 4 lead wire: Approx. 600 mm
Pulse constant 0.46mL/P 2.5mL/P 0.46mL/P 2.5mL/P
Maximum frequency Approx. 30Hz Approx. 33Hz Approx. 30Hz Approx. 33Hz
Minimum pulse width Approx. 0.0065s Approx. 0.006s Approx. 0.0065s Approx. 0.006s
Applied voltage range 3 – 24VDC *1
Power consumption 0.2VA or less
Structure Splash-proof structure (IP64 compatible) for indoor use
Connection R1 / 4 R1 / 2 R1 / 4 R1 / 2
Mass Approx. 100 g Approx. 140 g Approx. 100 g Approx. 140 g
Major materials of the part exposed to liquid Case PPS
Rotor PPS
O-ring NBR FKM
Shaft SUS304 SiC

– If the fluid might contain fine particles, please install the filter with a #80 mesh screen or higher before the flow sensor.

– Do not measure gasoline, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), oxygenated water (Oxydol) and acidum hydrochloricum (strong acid fluid).

*1. Apply the same voltage to the sensor power supply (red – black) and pulse output (blue and white – black).

(Applicable only for open collector output)




Model OF05 OF10
A 80 90
B 46.9 46.9
C 46.9 46.9
D 8 8.5
E 27.3 40.3

Other information

Wiring method [Voltage pulse output]


Wiring method [Open collector output]

The pull-up resistance R on the side of the open collector output shall be 50 KΩ or less. However, make sure the output sink current (Is) is within 6 mA.

* Apply the same voltage to the sensor power supply (red – black) and pulse output (blue and white – black). (Applicable only to open collector output)


Standard installation position


Description of symbols

Denatured PPO Polyphenylene oxide
PP Polypropylene
PPS Polyphenylene Sulfide
ETFE Ethylene-tetrafiuoro ethylene
POM Polyacetal or Polyoxymethylene
PA Polyamide
SUS304 Stainless
SCS13 Stainless steel castings
FKM Fluoro Rubber
SiC Silicon Carbide Ceramics
Sm-Co Samarium-Cobalt
EPDM Ethylene propylene Rubber
Ba-Fe Barium-Ferrite
PVC Polyvinyl Choride
O.C. Open Collector
NBR Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber


Caution for the imitation (copy product) of micro stream sensor OF-ZAT.
 Recently, inferior imitations of OF-ZAT (copy products) has been appeared around the world. In addition, the trouble caused by using the imitation (copy product) has often been reported to us. Even if you purchased the imitation (copy product) without knowing the product cannot only be warranted but also such as the repair of failure cannot be supported at all. Also we shall not owe the responsibility of damage caused by the low quality of imitation (copy product).At the time of purchasing regular article OF-ZAT, please drop your inquiry to the “Contact Us” on our web site.