The most complete, flexible, versatile and advanced controller for the management of large plants.

The Ecoserial3 is a device created for the management of the most complex and articulated filters. These plants usually require a considerable flexibility in the control of all the working parameters. The controller commands new generation pneumatic pilot boxes, called RPA-612..
Ecoserial3 has three serial port RS485 isolated and independent, to which it is possible to connect up to 64 RPAs, a PLC for data monitoring and a GDMm instrument for dust emission monitoring.

Ecoserial3 and RPA communicate through line RS485 with a modbus protocol RTU. The user can manage the clearing cycle “in situ”, or rather directly on the interface panel Ecoserial 13 or with a remote system, through line RS485 with protocol Modbus.


Main Features Features Values
Dimensions External Dimensions ( L x H x W mm ) 254x200x135
Weight (kg) 2,6
Protection Protection Level (standard) M IP55 / F IP56
Temperature Working Temperature (°C) -20... +60 vers.CE (OPT -40°C), -40... +65 vers. UL
Power Supply Power Supply Range (standard) 90-270Vac 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 10W
Display Display Type LCD
Resolution 128x64
Display Color (standard) yellow-green
Inputs Digital Inputs (nr) 4 opto-isolated inputs
Pressure Input ok
Pressure Range 0/+9999mmH2O, 0/+9999Pa, 0/+9.999kPa, 0/+99.99mBar
Analog Input optional
Outputs Relay Outputs (nr) 4
Relay Output Power 8A/270Vac
4-20mA Output optional
Functions Cyclic Management ok
Delta Pressure Management ok
Customizing Cycles ok
Remote Start/Stop ok
Autopause ok
Post-cleaning ok
Cleaning cycle ok (custom)
Coils can be activated simultaneously for each output (nr) 128
Broken Coil Control ok
Broken Valve Control ok
Pressure Tank Control ok
Broken Bag Control with D.Probe ok (advanced)
SMS Remote Control ok
Serial Ports RS485 ok
System Maximum Driver Managed 64 RPA / 16 RPC
Type of driver connectable RPA/RPC
Type of control driver SERIAL
Management cell ok
Controls Buttons (nr) 4
Application Type Big Process dust collectors