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UXHigh Performance Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Fuel Gas

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A new product has been added to the lineup of ultrasonic flow meters for fuel gas!
It realizes a wide range of measuring ability that includes microflows using the characteristics of ultrasonic waves. It is resistant to dust so there is no need to install filters.
The flow meters are perfect for low flow gas measurement such as food and controlling gas usage of small-scale furnaces.
(Collaborative development product with Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.)

・High performance that supports a wide range of flow rate.

Realizes a wide range of 1:50, covering minimum to maximum flow rates.

・Dust resistant and highly durable

No need to install filters.

・Space-saving, as it requires no straight piping.

Measures with a high degree of accuracy even installed immediately after elbow piping.

・You have a choice of driving power supply.

Select from AC power, DC power and built-in batteries.

・A variety of output functions support visualizing flows.

Unit pulse/ 4 – 20 mA DC/ RS485 (Modbus/RTU)*

* RS485 is only for the AC or DC power models.


Models UX15(25)-0DC UX15(25)-0AC UX15(25)-0BT
Power source External power supply 24 VDC External power supply 100 VAC Dedicated lithium battery *1
Diameters of connected parts UX15:Rc1/2UX25:Rc1
Types of measurable gases *2 Town gas (13A)
Butane (70% butane, 30% propane)
Propane (98% propane, 2% butane)
Fluid Temperature -10~+60℃ (No freezing)
Flow rate range 0.12~6m3/h
Accuracy Actual flow rate *3 39-18. ± 2% RD (0.6m3/h or more to 6 m3/h or less),± 0.5 % FS (0.12 m3/h or more to less than 0.6 m3/h)
Temperature ±1.5℃
Low flow rate cut-off 0.024m3/h (Maximum flow rate/250)
Maximum operating pressure 100kPa
Pressure loss 200 Pa or less (Town gas 13A, standard atmospheric pressure + 2.5 kPa, Maximum flow rate)
Rated voltage 21.6~26.4VDC 85~115VAC
Power consumption 2 W or less (When the voltage is 26.4 V and current output is 22 mA) 10W or less (When the current output is 22 mA)
Environment temperature range Temperature: -20°C to + 70°C *No condensing
Output Analog 4 to 20 mADC (Load resistance at 400 Ω or less)
Select from the instantaneous flow rate and temperature.
Output 1 (Flow rate pulse) Unit pulse (Select from 1, 10, 100, 1000, and 10000 L/P; Standard setting: 1000 L/P)
Duty 20% – 80%
Nch open-drain output (Maximum load 24 VDC and 50 mA)
Output 2 (Alarms) Select the upper and lower limit alarms or the upper limit alarm of the integrated value. Select the battery voltage drops or upper and lower limit alarms.
Communication *4 Complies with RS 485 Modbus /RTU
(Select 4800 bps or 9600 bps.)
Measurement interval *5 0.5 seconds 2 seconds
Display Main display Accumulated flow rate: 8-digit integer and 2-digit decimal; Trip accumulated flow rate: 7-digit integer and 2-digit decimal
Ultrasonic measurement error, temperature measurement error, battery voltage error (for the built-in batteries model only)
Sub display Instantaneous flow rate display: 5-digit; Temperature display: 3-digit; Pressure display: 4-digit
Flow direction The flow direction is from left to right or right to left relative to the indicator.
* Please select when ordering.
Mounting position Horizontal or vertical
(The meter cannot be installed in a position where the indicator is directed downward or the cable introduction part is directed upward.)
Conversion functions Simple standard *6 A flow rate where the actual flow rate is corrected to the standard temperature and 1 atm.
(Enter an arbitrary fixed value for the pressure.)
Simple normal *6 A flow rate where the actual flow rate is corrected to 0°C and 1 atm.
(Enter an arbitrary fixed value for the pressure.)
Major materials of the part exposed to gases Aluminum alloy and PPS
Protective structure Indoor and outdoor IP64 (JIS C 0920); Avoid direct sunlight.
Mass (kg) 1.6 1.7 1.8

*1 Battery life is five years (under an average environment temperature of 20°C). The batteries can be replaced on-site.
*2 The type of gas setting can be changed on-site.
*3 The actual flow rate stands for the volume flow rate (unadjusted flow rate).
*4 The communication specifications are available on our product website.
*5 Moving average can be configurable (Select from 1 to 16 times; Standard setting is 4 times).
*6 The expression “simple” stands for the correction of a pressure value using an arbitrary value (fixed value).