100% Finland Origin Vaisala Vietnam HMT360 Series Intrinsically Safe Transmitters
Correct Code: HMT360 3A22BCD1A2BD1A1A
Transmitter type: HMT363 for general use
Parameters: Code RH+T ; Display on transmitter cover
Number of analog outputs: Channel 1 + 2 Output 4...20mA
Analog output signals for Ch1: 0...100%RH
Analog output signals for Ch2: Temperature Range -20...+80C
Output units: Metric Units
Cable bushings: Sealed cable gland M20 X1.5 for cable diam. 7.5...12mm; Ex certification and issuer: Ex Certification ATEX/VTT
User´s Guide HMT360 English
Probe length and probe cable length: HMP363, +120 C 10m Cable
Sensor type: Humicap 180 ; Calibration Certificate
Sensor protection: PPS Grid with Steel Netting
No Installation kit for probe