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Thermal Imaging Camera, visual camera and electronic signal processing technologies have been combined to provide high performance, compact systems for mass screening and fever detection. The FeverSENS System is designed for mass screening of public areas and is used to find individuals with higher body temperature. As a group of people walk pass the camera head, thermal and visual images are displayed on the nearby monitor .Our FeverSENS, system consist of a fixed thermal imaging camera, visual camera and thermal image processing (fever detection) software .The system is housed in an agronomical kiosk, for free standing operation. The Thermal and visual camera are mounted to screen at locations for mass screening of people. The software can detect, people with high fever and can raise an alarm and record the thermal and visual image. Based on the preliminary detection of fever, detailed investigation can be done for taking a decision. The FeverSENS is ideal for mass termperature screening in areas like airports, railway or subway stations, seaports, and any other public facilities.
FeverSENS Fever Detection by Thermal Camera Accu pt Enhancing Visibility
ŸRealtime Dual Video – Thermal For fever ŸAutomatic Alerts by Email or SMS Detection and Visual for Quick Identification ŸVisual Identification of Video when any fever ŸConfigurable Temperature Sensor to detect fever, detected flu as per symptoms ŸSeveral lenses for different FOV Key Feature
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Application – Fever screening at ŸAirports ŸSea Ports ŸRailway Stations ŸMalls ŸBus Stations ŸSocial gatherings
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TMINFRA VIEW software is designed to provide a  view of thermal and visual image in real time. 
Whenever it detects any person with fever / body temperature higher than normal it draws a circle of him/her and stores the image an