ASUltrasonic Flow Meters for Fuel Gas

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AS Series

Since AS flow meter covers wider range from small to large flow rate it contributes to cost saving and convenient facility management. At the same time, it saves the cost of redundant governor and piping.

・ Non-moving parts results in not degrading meter performance. It eventually makes needless to repair the parts and refuel the lubricant oil.
・ Because of the pressure loss being closely “0” it can get rid of the pressure shortage risk.
・ Because of lightweight and compact feature it enables easy installation and needs less space.

Product Specifications

Model Temperature compensation type *1 Temperature and pressure compensation types
AS-25 AS-32 AS-40 AS-50 AS-80 AS-100 AS-150 AS-200
Diameters 25A 32A 40A 50A 80A 100A 150A 200A
Power source Built-in lithium batteries
Years of duration 6 years
Measurable fluids Natural gases and air
Operating pressure *1 No pressure compensation : AS・□・0
Specification for the absolute pressures 0 to 0.2 MPa : AS・□・200
Specification for the absolute pressures 0 to 0.5 MPa : AS・□・500
Specification for the absolute pressures 0 to 0.2 MPa : AS・□・200
Specification for the absolute pressures 0 to 0.5 MPa : AS・□・500
Specification for the absolute pressures 0 to 1.0 MPa : AS・□・1000
Flow velocity range 0.4m/s to 20m/s
Accuracy Flow measurement accuracy ±1%RS Velocity (m/s) 4m/s to 20m/s
Actual flow rate (m3/h) 7 to 35 16 to 65 16 to 80 30 to 150 60 to 300 100 to 500 240 to 1200 400 to 2000
±2%RS Velocity (m/s) 0.4m/s to 20m/s
Actual flow rate (m3/h) 0.7 to 7 1.3 to 13 1.6 to 16 3 to 30 6 to 60 10 to 100 24 to 240 40 to 400
Low flow cut-off
(Initial flow rate) *2
Velocity (m/s) Within 0.05 m/s
Actual flow rate (m3/h) 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.4 0.8 1.5 3.2 5.7
Fluid temperature and humidity 10 to + 60 °C, 90% RH or less
Pressure loss Minimum (Equivalent with straight piping)
Display Accumulated flow rate Accumulated flow rate 00000000.0 9-digit (Nm3)
Instantaneous flow rate *3 (1) The maximum display ± 9999 m3/h (Actual flow rate)
(2) Maximum display ± 9999 m3/h (Standard conversion)
(Two decimal places if less than 200, one decimal place from 200 or more and less than 2000, and integer display for 2000 or more.
Temperature *3 00.0℃ 3-digit
Pressure *3 0000.0kPa 5-digit
Output Contact output Open-drain output: Unit pulse (Positive flow)
Pulse unit: 100 liter/P, 1000 liter/P
Telegram output RS485 Modbus/RTU
Connection method Rc1 Rc1・1/4 GB/9119・2000 PN 1.6 MPa flange
Mounting position Horizontal and vertical
Installation location Indoor and outdoor (supports the safety class IP64)
Case materials Aluminum alloy Stainless steel alloy
The materials exposed to gases Aluminum alloy and engineering plastic Stainless steel alloy and engineering plastic
Mass 1.9kg 1.9kg 7.6kg 9.6kg 13.4kg 13.2kg 20.4kg 35.4kg

*1. The models 25A and 32A only support temperature compensation.
*2. The instantaneous flow velocity is displayed as 0 m3/h if it is less than 0.25% of the maximum flow velocity. The normal conversion type cuts the value in accordance with the normal conversion flow rate at 0.05 m/s.
*3. Automatic switching every 4 seconds