GE Versamax IC200ALG431 is an analog mixed module, 12 bit 0 to 10vdc with 4 channels for input and 2 channels for output. The GE Versamax IC200ALG431 provides four 0 to +10vdc analog inputs

GE Versamax IC200ALG322 is an analog output module, 12 bit voltage -10 to +10vdc 4 channels. GE Versamax IC200ALG322 analog output module. The GE Versamax IC200ALG322 provides four analog

GE Versamax IC200CHS002 is a box-style i/o carrier, with 36 iec box-style terminals and provides mounting, also the GE Versamax IC200CHS002field has backplane communications  wiring for one i/o

A CPU, GE Versamax IC200CPU001, has 2 serial ports, 34kb of configurable memory. The GE Versamax IC200CPU001 has support for 32-bit Modbus registers, updated pid function block, higher serial&nbsp

GE Analog input 15 bit current 15 channel Code: IC200ALG264 GE IP Vietnam
GE Output 12/24VDC POS LOGIC 0.5A per point Code: IC200MDL750 GE IP Vietnam
GE Input 24VDC POS/NEG logic (4 groups of 8) Code: IC200MDL650 GE IP Vietnam
GE Mixed 24VDC POS LOG input group 16 point Code: IC200MDD844 GE IP Vietnam